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Chiropractor Minnetonka MN Kyle LeDuc

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Kyle LeDuc D.C.

Minnetonka MN Chiropractor, Dr. Kyle, believes that the secret to a great life starts with great health. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, he acknowledges that all health and healing starts with having a properly functioning nervous system. Dr. Kyle’s mission is to educate as many people as possible about their body’s innate ability to heal and to empower them to live the healthy, pain-free life they were meant to live! Dr. Kyle grew up in Thief River Falls, MN. After graduating high school as valedictorian, he attended Concordia College to study biology and chemistry where he graduated with cum laude honors.

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I've been going to Connection Chiropractic for the better part of two years now and Dr. Kyle LeDuc has been simply wonderful. Every visit is conducted with genuine care and the utmost professionalism in a very welcoming environment. Appointments are quick, precise and you not only leave feeling better though physical progress but come out feeling better educated and assured that your health is in excellent hands.

Reid L.

I would highly recommend anyone to go to Connection Chiropractic for adjustments. I had two back surgeries prior to getting adjustments with Dr. Kyle and my back has never felt better. Dr. Kyle truly cares about his patients and is passionate about sharing his knowledge of spinal care importance- I've learned so much! I am so glad I made the decision to get adjustments from Dr. Kyle!

Kirsten T.

I’d have to give Dr. Kyle and his team at Connection Chiropractic ten stars. They are always friend and welcoming. Making me feel comfortable and accepted when I come in for care. I came in early this month with a back injury that had limited my mobility. Dr. Kyle refuses to give up on me and continues to help get my back in shape. He also pushes me to work on exercises that can rehab my lower back and leg too. Thanks for all that you do for your patients!

Nick W.

Dr. Kyle is awesome. He truly cares for his patients, makes things fun, and always makes you feel like more than just another patient. I have had the pleasure of being adjusted by him and can tell you first hand he's good at what he does and will get you the results you need!

Jeremy H.

Chiropractic Minnetonka MN Treatment Room

Chiropractor Minnetonka MN

Are you looking for a chiropractor in Minnetonka MN? Chiropractic is one of the most fantastic healthcare professions, but only a small percentage of the population is aware of what it is all about. This website is intended to assist you in gaining a fundamental grasp of how our Minnetonka MN chiropractors can benefit you and your loved ones.

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At Connection Chiropractic we treat every patient as an individual. We understand that each chiropractic patient is different and has different goals. Our team will work with you to provide the care you're looking for.


Chiropractic care has been shown to be helpful for symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel, and many more.


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Have you ever done the search "Chiropractor Near Me"? If you have you're not alone. Almost everyone wants to find the nearest chiropractor to them these days. The world is a busy place, but at Connection Chiropractic we hope we can be your chiropractic choice in Minnetonka MN.

We also understand that many patients are looking for a chiropractor that takes insurance.  We're happy to speak with you about that topic.

Chiropractic is one of the most astounding and rewarding professions in healthcare, yet only a small amount of people really know what it entails.

This page is here for you so that you can better grasp how our Minnetonka MN chiropractors can benefit you and your family members.

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