Chiropractic In Minnetonka MN Prevents Spine Surgeries

Chiropractic in Minnetonka MN Prevents Spine Surgeries

Chiropractic Minnetonka MN Prevent Surgery

One of the main reasons many people decide to see a chiropractor in Minnetonka MN on a routine basis is because it can prevent the spine from degenerating at a faster rate.

Stress On The Spine In Minnetonka MN

Your spine takes on a lot of stress as you go through your weekly routine. It may be sitting all day at your job, long trips in the car, playing with your kids, or your workouts at the gym. Any number of things that you do throughout the week can be considered “stressors” on the spine.

Although they may not seem like they’re causing any problems as you do them, over time all of these “stressors” eventually add up and result in a spine that is subluxated and beginning to wear out.

The smartest way to counteract all of the stressors from your weekly routine is to get adjusted on a regular basis.

Misalignment of the spine

If a spine is not moving properly or is not in optimal alignment, the vertebra will start to break down and degenerate faster. This can lead to degenerative joint disease (AKA arthritis), degenerative disc disease and nerve impingement.

Just like it’s smart to brush your teeth after eating sweets, it’s also smart to get adjusted after any activity that puts extra stress on the spine and causes it to subluxate. This is also one of the easiest ways to avoid costly spine surgeries and injections, something that is becoming an epidemic in our country.

It is estimated that spine surgeries only have a 60% success rate, which means once someone has one spine surgery, there is a 40% chance they’ll have another.

The good news is that chiropractic is beginning to take a front line stand against the prevalence of spine surgery. In a study done by Keeney in the scholarly journal “Spine” they concluded:

“42.7% of patients with back injuries who first saw a surgeon had surgery, in contrast to only 1.5% of those who saw a chiropractor first."

That statistic is huge! The more people who can understand the power of chiropractic, the more unnecessary spine surgeries we can prevent. Share this article with someone who has never been to a chiropractor so they too can avoid a spine surgery in the future!

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